5 Best Interior Designers in Finland

Interior design is a science or art in which a building’s interior is modified to suit the purpose of occupants better and also to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It involves the conceptual developments, planning, research, and communication of findings to the owners for approval and subsequent implantation of approved plans.
The five best Interior designers in Finland comprise of MITH Design, Taiga Colors, Laura Seppanen Design Agency, Pirjo Porho-Liikamaa, and Nemus all based in or near Helsinki the capital.

  1. MITH Design
    Top of the list is MITH Design is an interior design company which provides for consultations online. They are different in that when they pitch to a client for plan approvals, they make 3D renderings as opposed to 2D pictures used traditionally. They work with the best manufacturers of fixtures from Italy to give your home a premium look. They are based in Uusimaa in the outskirts of Helsinki.
  2. Taiga Colors
    The second best rated according to houzz.com is Taiga Colors based out of Uusimaa near Helsinki. It specializes in pattern design, and it manufactures its materials with a flagship store in Helsinki and an international online shop. They provide for private customers, corporates, and government agencies.
  3. Laura Seppanen
    The third company is Laura Seppanen, based in Helsinki. It is owned by Laura and was launched in 2015. They are unique in that they do 3D style modeling, color consulting, space planning, floor, and house plans; hence, they are a one-stop shop for all your interior décor requirements.
  4. Pirjo Porho-Liikamaa
    The fourth company is Pirjo Porho-Liikamaa based in Helsinki. They provide services such as attic conversions, basement designs, custom cabinets, home office designs, home theater designs, among others. This makes them versatile and able to adapt to the many needs that customers may have. They are poised to deliver on a comprehensive array of services regarding construction and interior design, making them a good fit for all market segments be they corporates, individuals or government agencies.
  5. Nemus
    Last but not least would be Nemus who specializes in project management as well as interior design. They have a wide array of service offerings from basement design, bedroom design, nursery design to art selection, home staging, and laundry room design. This company is unique as they have integrated project management into their service offerings, making them well positioned in the market place to handle both the project management of the upcoming buildings and the interior design as well. This enables more value to be delivered to the client – click article on how to become an interior designer in canada.

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